Think about it this way – JULY has got to be the worst month for putting in a new patio. The sun, the heat, the sweat! Instead, plan your patio installation project for the spring, before weather turns it into an unbearable project, and you wind up seriously sunburned! 

Most modern suburban homes come equipped with an ugly square of concrete just outside the back door. Don’t be daunted by the idea of ripping out that eyesore and putting down something far nicer! In older homes, your particular poured slab may be riddled with deep cracks, missing pieces and crumbling in places that make people trip and fall – that’s not good!

Mid spring is really the ideal time of year in Northern California to undertake a patio project. Nice weather, neither too hot or too cold, just mild sunny days ideal for working outside. Whether employing a contractor, or undertaking the project yourself, you’ll be thankful you chose the right time of year for the project!

Breaking up an old concrete slab can be hard labor! If you’re up for it, you can rent a jackhammer locally at very low cost, and take care of breaking it down yourself with the help of friends, wheelbarrows and a dumpster out front. Take shifts, take breaks, and organize the work so that no one person collapses under the effort. Anyone standing around just watching better lend a hand!

A contractor can take care of all that back breaking labor for you, and probably in less time given their experience on such projects. Talk with at least two local contracting services about your project and compare bids! Using a contractor will increase the cost of your project, since you’re paying for labor rather than putting in that labor yourself. But if you’re not up for the challenge, a good contractor can tackle your patio project with real expertise and produce a beautiful result.

Hire a contractor? Or undertake a patio improvement project yourself? It’s up to you! Just keep in mind that mid spring is the idea time for this type of project, and we’ve got the materials you’ll need!

Come on out to our massive landscape yard, just North of Chico on Hwy 99, and let us walk you through some of the options you see in the gallery of patio ideas and inspiration you can see here above. Our expert design staff can help you choose patio pavers from any variety of materials to fit your property, your life, and your style.