8 surprising ways to decorate for Thanksgiving


  Giving your home that Thanksgiving flavor isn’t always easy. Whether you’re hosting a holiday gathering or just wanting to add seasonal style to your space, design decisions need to be made. No need to stress, though. Check out these simple ways to add some festive flair to your home. […]

8 surprising ways to decorate for Thanksgiving2019-11-26T09:46:52-08:00

No big box store offers our selection!


Big box retailers scrutinize sales data to determine which products sell the most nationwide, and then they stop stocking anything but the most popular items! What does this mean for you, the average consumer? If you’re looking for pavers for a new patio, it means that if you go to a big mass retailer, you will find a very limited selection, only a few choices in stock, and those choices will look exactly like what everyone else has. But what about [...]

No big box store offers our selection!2019-03-31T11:24:39-08:00

Planning Defensible Space on Your Property


Defensible space helps make your property more fire safe – but please know that in some circumstances, disasters occur that nothing can 100% protect against. The best we can do is plan defensible space to the best of our ability, or as best as the unique property allows, and be as ready as possible.  […]

Planning Defensible Space on Your Property2019-01-15T16:03:19-08:00