Hire a Contractor or DIY?


When planning projects around their property, some people seem to think that just because they enjoy home improvement TV, that means they’re ready and able to tackle big projects around their home and yard. This isn’t always the case, so choose carefully before saying,” Oh no, I don’t need a contractor. I can handle this!”  […]

Hire a Contractor or DIY?2019-04-29T13:42:01-07:00

No big box store offers our selection!


Big box retailers scrutinize sales data to determine which products sell the most nationwide, and then they stop stocking anything but the most popular items! What does this mean for you, the average consumer? If you’re looking for pavers for a new patio, it means that if you go to a big mass retailer, you will find a very limited selection, only a few choices in stock, and those choices will look exactly like what everyone else has. But what about [...]

No big box store offers our selection!2019-03-31T11:24:39-07:00

SPRING For A New Patio!


Think about it this way – JULY has got to be the worst month for putting in a new patio. The sun, the heat, the sweat! Instead, plan your patio installation project for the spring, before weather turns it into an unbearable project, and you wind up seriously sunburned!  […]

SPRING For A New Patio!2019-02-08T14:13:08-07:00

Pondless Fountains and Waterfalls: All the beauty, far less excavation


Add the relaxing sounds and cooling effects of running water in your backyard, without the massive excavation project and ongoing maintenance a pond requires. A pondless fountain, or pondless waterfall, could be what you’re looking for! […]

Pondless Fountains and Waterfalls: All the beauty, far less excavation2018-11-05T08:29:13-07:00