Big box retailers scrutinize sales data to determine which products sell the most nationwide, and then they stop stocking anything but the most popular items! What does this mean for you, the average consumer? If you’re looking for pavers for a new patio, it means that if you go to a big mass retailer, you will find a very limited selection, only a few choices in stock, and those choices will look exactly like what everyone else has. But what about those people who want SOMETHING ELSE?? 

Landscaping gravel, patio pavers and river rock might be something a homeowner never thinks about… until they do.

Homeowners often don’t spend hours, days and weeks thinking about landscape items like rock, pavers, gravel and more. Why would you? You’ve got your work, a busy family, and everything else to think about! So when you get ready to put in a new backyard patio, visiting our giant landscaping yard just north of Chico on HWY 32 is the very best place to go to see a huge selection of the items you’ll need.

Big box stores offer very limited choices and selections, in small quantities, and sell only items that their sales data tells them is a big seller. And while some property owners think that’s just fine, we tend to think that maybe, just maybe, you’d like a wider range of options, right?

We meet homeowner after homeowner who come walk through our massive landscaping yard to look at different types of patio pavers. They run their hands over slate, granite and every type of material you could imagine as they look at color, texture and style to select that material that’s just right for their unique project. Maybe you’d like the color of your new patio to match the trim color, or roof color on your house. That’s a great idea!

Come visit our giant landscaping yard, and let us help you choose from a wide, wonderful selection of materials for your next project!