Do you have a yard that needs improvement?  Or maybe you have a home or business where the major landscaping is just weeds?  How do you decide what to do when you want to finally create the beautifully landscaped yard you have dreamed of?

One great idea is to look at photos of other landscaping projects to get ideas for your particular situation.  Maybe you see one element that you like ins one photo, and some other aspect in a different photo looks great to you.  Well, we can help you figure out how to blend those ideas together and recommend the best products to use for that look you are after.

We have our Landscape Photos Idea Gallery to help you get started on this process. When you visit that page, you will see there are tags at the top of the page, so if you only want to pavers, just click that button.   Then, click retaining walls to see all images which have retaining walls.  We set it up this way so that we can assign multiple tags per image since obviously most landscaping photos will have more than a single element.

We will be continuing to add more photos to the idea gallery, and we also have more photos on our Facebook page.

If you are trying to plan a new project, make a simple sketch of your yard, with dimensions and bring that in.  If you can show our friendly experts your sketch and also show them some of the photos you liked, then they help you select the perfect materials to make your landscaping look truly amazing!