Did you know: The majority of retaining wall installations on residential properties are done as a direct result of a natural disaster causing serious damage – not BEFORE the damage happens! 

Which would you rather be – a PROactive property owner who puts in that retaining wall to prevent a landslide happening, OR the REactive property owner who puts in a retaining wall only after half their property has washed down the street in an unexpectedly severe storm?

Properties built on any amount of slope or gradient can run the risk of disastrous soil runoff under the right cataclysmic circumstances – namely, periods of severe drought followed by severe rains, partnered with a lack of planting and vegetation that creates root structures to support and nourish the soil on any sloped surface. Stack up those negative conditions just right, and you might see the slope behind your home go sliding down the side yard and right down the storm drains.

Whether tall or short, single or terrace style, retaining walls are an excellent way to stabilize a property while creating a great looking yard. Check out the gallery above for several examples of different styles of retaining walls, and you’ll get a good idea of just some of the styles that can easily be created with retaining wall blocks available at Sutherland Landscape Center.

When you’re ready to undertake a project like this, come talk to our experts. We can help you plan your project, including calculating exactly how many blocks it will take to create your desired retaining wall. We can help you plan your project, including arranging delivery of your order of retaining wall blocks, making it very easy for you (or a contractor) to get stable retaining walls put in exactly where you need them to hold soil in place and stabilize any potentially shifting slope.

Come talk with us about retaining walls! We’d love to help you be a proactive homeowner!