Lower your water bills and save time on lawn maintenance.

You don’t have to be a hardcore environmentalist to see the benefits of a lower-maintenance, water-saving landscape plan that improves curb appeal and raises your property value.

“Xeriscape” is the technical name for water saving landscape that utilizes local or naturalized plants that thrive in your particular area through drought and cold, requiring little water and very little maintenance to thrive.

  • Reduces landscape water use – this saves you money on your water bills!
  • Reduces mowing, weeding, pruning and other weekly maintenance – this saves you time in your busy schedule, or it saves you money on landscape maintenance costs when you don’t have to call the landscapers to mow every week.
  • Reduces your need for sprays, weed and feed, winterizer, fertilizers, and other expensive products.

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A landscape design that uses local drought-hardy and cold-hardy plants, combined with patio pavers for increased outdoor seating space can add inviting usable entertaining areas to your backyard, increasing your property value. Include an area for a butterfly garden, and you’ll get seasonal flowers that entice colorful butterflies into your yard without requiring a ton of maintenance from you.

Think of the savings if you didn’t have to buy and maintain that expensive riding mower! Reducing or eliminating grass from your property really reduces the expense involved with “keeping up with the Joneses”, and can open up a lot of space in your garage or shed.

A Xeriscape yard can also be useful if you have areas of deep shade where you’ve struggled to make grass work. Using rock from a wide range of colors along with areas of local plants that thrive in deep shade or won’t scorch in full summer sun can make better use of those tricky headache areas on your property.

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