Adding a fountain, pond, pondless waterfall or stream to your property can add significant property value long-term, while helping your family beat the heat in the summer! 


Beating the heat in Northern California can be hard to do! In your backyard, do you find your family spending summer days locked indoors, because the back patio is just too hot?

Your back yard being a no-go zone for months out of the year shouldn’t be something you and your family just deal with, when it’s something you CAN change!

  • Running water increases humidity and cools the air directly surrounding it.

Have you ever noticed how it’s cooler down by a river or creek? Imagine if you could create that same cooling effect on your back patio. YOU CAN!

Talk with our staff about the layout of your yard, patio or outdoor area. This will influence what type of water feature is just right for you. We’ll consider size, topography (like a slope or gradient) and other factors, including just how much space you want to be taken up by the new water feature. Our helpful staff can talk with you about:

  • Above-ground or in-ground fountains
  • Ponds
  • Streams
  • Pondless waterfalls

In the long term, a water feature of any kind can dramatically increase your property value and become an attractive selling point for your home. But carefully consider water features with our design staff to select the just-right size, type, and style. Beware the grandiose, gawdy and outsized! *Helpful hint: a giant above-ground marble fountain might not be the biggest selling point if you wedge it into the tiny backyard of your townhouse or condo, leaving no room to move around.

CONTACT US to talk about bringing cooling water into your yard!