The worst part of winter, and the worst heat of summer; who undertakes a major outdoor project at the worst possible time of year for that kind of work?! If you’re smart (and we know our customers are seriously smart) you’ll plan your projects for the best possible time of year. 

The timing of major landscaping projects has a direct effect on the overall COST to the homeowner. Seriously speaking, poorly timed projects require longer labor hours. Time your project more carefully, and you can cut the cost of contracted labor in half, or more!

Just imagine how much harder it’s going to be for loads of rock to be delivered through mud and rain that makes the trucks sink into the dirt – compared to the ease and speed of making such deliveries on dry firm ground. Imagine, also, how much harder the work will be, how much slower the work will progress, when the laborers are slogging through mud up to their ankles – work in those conditions is much MUCH slower, and therefore more costly to you!

Sutherland Landscape can easily arrange to deliver loads of the rock, gravel or other landscaping materials you need straight to your property. From there, you or your contractor can get the project underway.

You might think summer would be a better time to schedule a major landscaping installation. But in Northern California we have to consider the heat as a health and safety risk for laborers, or for you and your friends you’ve roped in to help with your project. Talk with your contractor about scheduling the necessary work before the blast of summer heat really hits. Or talk with your buddies about getting it done in the spring, for everyone’s sake. We’re taking orders NOW for projects happening in March and April.

No matter what scale of project you’re considering, timing the project is a crucial facet of landscaping project management. If you need help with this, come in and talk with our landscaping designers and staff pros about your ideas, and we can help you get your project done just right, with less headache and stress for you!