Many newer subdivision homes may be built on as little as 0.10 of an acre. But don’t be discouraged if your yard is tiny! There’s LOTS of potential in that small yard!

Small yard spaces can be beautiful! Whether in deep shade and best suited for a seating area surrounded by lush shade-loving hostas, or full sun spectacular with deep areas of sun-loving flowering plants ringing a perfect miniature play space of grass, your small yard can make a big impact.

Homeowners with small outdoor areas can also rejoice at the likely project budget – just five slate pavers, for example, are a lot less costly than fifty! In some small spaces, like you can see in the images above, just a few large stone pavers, or a few planter boxes, can create a great look in a small space and make the space more usable for you and your family.

Come talk with our landscape experts, let us know the size, dimensions and details of your small yard, and we can help you create a layout to suit your goals for the space! Take a stroll through our giant landscape yard, and see different styles of benches, small fountains and other great finds to make your space unique and personal, usable and just as welcoming as you’d like it to be!