Decomposed Granite Gray/Blue

This Decomposed Granite, or Gray DG, is a beautiful gray/blue color.  Very soft and pleasing to the eye. Blends well with many stone options or as a pathway through the landscape.   This material appears as a  large-grained sand, but is actually fine particles of crushed or decomposed granite.

This material is used for pathways, or may cover large outdoor areas as an alternative to patio stone. Packs hard and tight with roller or tamper, and may be covered with soil locking stabilizers (see Pathway Stabilizer)  to increase durability and solidity.  Also used in between the joint of flatrock applications.


*There are 40.5 five gallon buckets in a yard, 1 cubic foot is 7.5 gallons. Bucket not included in 5 gallon purchase.

* If you are ordering volume over 20 yards please call for volume discounts.

* All sales are final for purchases made online. If you are unsure of your choice or require assistance please call during business hours so we may answer your questions directly.

Decomposed Granite Gray/Blue - in your 5 gallon container $2.25

Three-Quarter Yard $72.00

Half Yard $48.00

Quarter Yard $24.00

Our Price: $ 96.00