Add the relaxing sounds and cooling effects of running water in your backyard, without the massive excavation project and ongoing maintenance a pond requires. A pondless fountain, or pondless waterfall, could be what you’re looking for!

Modern pondless fountains and pondless waterfalls are a minimally invasive way to bring flowing water, cooler temperatures, pleasant ambiance and even an increased property value to your home. Unlike conventional residential water features, a “pondless” water feature doesn’t require massive underground apparatus to function.

Further advantages of pondless water features:

  • Reduces (or eliminates) stagnant standing water where mosquitoes and other insects lay eggs
  • Reduces maintenance – no fish, no algae, no cleaning leaves and crud out of the bottom
  • Very low maintenance
  • Minimally invasive to install – which means lower cost!

Pondless water features are well suited to backyard plots where a backhoe or other excavating equipment can’t gain access for a major water feature install. A water feature that requires only minor manual adjustment to create it’s base is ideal for areas where narrow gates or narrow clearances between the neighboring homes makes access for a big digger impractical or impossible.

Commercial buildings benefit from pondless fountains too, as the ongoing maintenance is so minimal for landscaping services to maintain; and with no pond for kids to toss their pennies, it’s a good focal point that adds beauty to front-facing areas where customers travel.

For residential homeowners, a pondless fountain can be ideal to improve an unsightly, awkward corner, or to add the cooling effect of running water near a patio that’s too hot in the summertime. A low-maintenance pondless waterfall can add major resale value down the line as well.

Come talk to our experienced staff and we can help you choose the just-right pondless water feature for what you have in mind!