Defensible space helps make your property more fire safe – but please know that in some circumstances, disasters occur that nothing can 100% protect against. The best we can do is plan defensible space to the best of our ability, or as best as the unique property allows, and be as ready as possible. 

Defensible space is the way we describe planning landscaping around a home to help a property be as fire safe as possible.

Northern California Defensible Space Fire Safe Landscaping

Take the images in the gallery above as good close-up examples. They show wide areas of gravel, paving, and Xeriscape (natural/local landscape planting) areas creating wide fire safe spaces around the home.

The image at left gives a good example of what many properties in the Butte County area may look like, with some developed lawn and landscaped area, but surrounded by pine trees, manzanita, and other natural hardy plants. Learning how to safely manage natural areas like these can help you keep the perimeters of your property much more safe.

COME IN or call, and talk with our experts about the unique layout of your property. We can help you plan your landscape to be as defensible, and as fire safe, as is possible on your unique plot.


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