Water Features, Fountains, Pools

The soothing sound of water bubbling over rocks or flowing from a stone fountain adds another dimension to your landscape. A striking water feature creates interest and focus, and intimacy in a space. Swimming pools, waterfalls, streams, ponds and fountains also have a cooling effect on the surrounding area.

The recreational and therapeutic benefits of a swimming pool and spa can be enjoyed year round. Whether you prefer the natural appeal of rustic stone and rock, or a sleek contemporary look, Sutherland Landscape Center has the materials  to turn your ideas into a refreshing oasis for fun and relaxation.

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We are happy to assist you with materials selections.  If you are in the market for a design and installation we offer the list here of local landscape contractors and pool builders : 

 *None are affiliated with Sutherland Landscape Center.


WATER FEATURES                                                            POOLS & SPAS                                           

Blue Oak Landscaping                    530 518 7248            Perfection Pools       530 895 0437 

Hanson & Hanson Landscaping     530 345 7309             Care Free Pools        530 342 4639

Horizon Landscape                         530 321 3121             Agua Fina Pools       530 891 1197

Dawson & Son Landscaping          530 592 7114       

Black Rock Landscape                    530 828 1977        

Lifescapes                                       530 894 5433          

Perfection Landscape                     530 895 0437          

L&C Landscape                               530 342 3082          

Butte Landscape                             530 877 6862  

Aqua Terra                                       530  521 9630

Norton Landscape                           530 345 3099          

East Meets West Landscape           530 345 6304