We’re all familiar with striking photos of monolithic stones set in a landscape by prehistoric peoples. But big boulders, quarried stone columns and natural rock fountains can find a place in modern landscaping too! 

Big rock landscaping appeals to those with esthetic and artistic sensibilities. A giant monolithic stone creates jaw-dropping visual interest standing tall in a garden. Imagine the view of that every day over your morning coffee!

Smaller boulders can be strategically placed to break up the uniform texture of flat grass lawn, or the look of flat pebbles in xeriscaped (low water/naturalized) garden areas, again, creating visual interest and an attractive look.

Rock columns laid horizontally create durable weatherproof benches and seating. Imagine never having to store your lawn chairs and outdoor pillows in the garage for winter, ever again! Instead, choose a slate, basalt, granite, or other stone column to be an all-weather seating solution.

Natural rock boulders make attractive and durable fountains, and we have several in stock! Come in and take a look around our huge selection of fountains, boulders, monolithic stones, columns and other incredible accent pieces that could turn your flat, boring yard or business park into something to talk about!