In sweltering Northern California summer weather, some families find their patio or back yard totally unusable due to the heat! Bring your family back outside by adding cooling shade to your patio with a pergola, patio roof, trellis and other shading methods.

When the temperature tops 100 degrees, do you find your family hiding inside, attached to the entertainment center? You may love your home, but if your backyard faces south, summer may be the worst time of year out there. Is it so sunny and hot that the plants and grass burn and die? We’ve seen that before!

Strategic shade, planned to fit the layout of your property¬†can cool an outdoor area by several degrees, making it usable in hot summer weather. Shade provided by landscape plants – tall bushes or trees chosen because they’ll grow to the correct adult size for your yard – can save garden areas and lawns from being baked in the sun. A combination of dappled shade from strategically placed trees, and the kind of pergola or trellis you can see providing shade in the design images above, work together to create dappled shade in backyard spaces that lower the temperature, protect from hot summer sun, and make the space much more usable for your family.

Many homes in Chico and the surrounding area are constructed with a basic backyard patio just off the house, but the initial design may not include any sort of cover for shade, and if the yard is a flat expanse of unshaded grass, that could be a major problem. Come talk to our staff about the backyard space you’re looking to provide shade, and we can work with you to help create the just-right shade cover you’re looking for!