Many property owners never get their hands dirty simply because they have no idea what landscaping projects they can take on themselves without having to hire a contractor. 

Landscaping related projects can often be done without permits or hiring a contractor. And if you’re up for the physical labor, landscaping can be a great DIY project!

The experts at Sutherland Landscape Center can help you take your ideas and turn them into a real plan, along with helping you understand if it’s the kind of thing that you can easily tackle yourself, or, whether it’s such a big project that you should probably call a contractor. Knowing the difference is what we do every day!

It’s relatively easy to install a simple low retaining wall, put out stepping stones or pavers, and to do beautification work like spreading bark or gravel. (*Don’t forget the weed blocking fabric underneath!) Talking with our expert staff can really help. We’ll gladly help you choose the blocks or pavers for your new wall or path, and we can arrange to deliver large and heavy items to right where you need it!

There are now lots of resources out there to help guide homeowners in projects they really can undertake themselves. Check out DIY magazines, home design and remodeling TV shows including landscaping shows, and there’s always YouTube for good tutorial videos to show you exactly the best way to lay a level pathway in your yard, or whatever you have in mind.

To know if a project is appropriate to do yourself instead of calling a contractor, just check out our  previous blog on the subject:
Hire a Contractor or DIY?

Once you’ve considered those points, come on out and talk with us about what you have in mind! We’d love to help you turn your idea into a real DIY plan you can accomplish!