Wall Caps & Coping

Most walls will have a finishing or protective course or cap to complete the visual appeal.  A wall cap is also called coping, just as the inside edge of a pool is completed with coping.  Sutherland Landscape Center offers a large variety of options for Caps and Coping.  Natural stone gives a beautiful finish to walls, pillars, and pools.    A bullnose edge will be rounded, smooth and finished. A rock face edge will have a rough and textured edge to enhance the stone look of a feature.  A chiseled edge will be something in between a bullnose and rock face.  The many choices of stone, from Travertine to Slate, to Sandstone will compliment most wall styles with the beauty of real stone.  Some functional walls require a functional concrete wall cap and these also are available in various sizes and colors to complete and compliment your landscape.