The long-awaited season of pumpkin carving, football watching and marshmallow roasting is finally here. And what better way to enjoy these joy-inducing activities than outside in the cool weather? Give your outdoor space an inviting, fall-worthy facelift with our super easy garden projects you can knock out in a weekend or less.

Fill Window Boxes With Fall Color

Nothing ups the fall curb appeal quite like window boxes filled with lush, colorful blooms. Fixer Upper‘s Joanna Gaines filled this client’s planter with soft-hued fall favorites like dusty miller, ornamental kale, cabbage, pansies and English ivy.

Make This: Build and Install a Window Box

Design an Eye-Catching Entryway Garden

The easiest way to do this? Line your entryway, front stoop or sidewalk with a colorful collection of gourds, pumpkins and fall container plants. This low-maintenance method takes almost no skill to achieve a designer look. Plus, if any of your plants or pumpkins wilt or rot as the season progresses, simply replace them! Quick Tip: Ornamental gourds do best in cool weather. If temps in your neck of the woods are on the warmer side, opt for faux varieties instead.

Build a Fire Pit for Chilly Evenings

Imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the cozy warmth of your backyard fire pit. Now stop imagining and go make it a reality with this easy DIY.

Make This: Easy DIY Stone Fire Pit

Craft a Stunning Faux Pumpkin Topiary

Made from zero-maintenance materials, this gorgeous nature-inspired topiary is a breeze to make and will stay beautiful all season long.

Make This: DIY Natural Pumpkin Topiary

Plant a Fall Veggie Garden

Tomato season might be over, but broccoli, carrot, beet and kale season is just beginning. Hooray!

Learn How: Guide to Fall Veggie Planting

Give Containers a Rustic-Chic Update

Wrap planters in burlap and tie with twine. Boom. Your porch is ready for fall in less than a minute.

There’s so much more you can do this fall, come on out and talk with our expert landscape design staff and let us help you get everything you’ll need to build that fire pit, or any other project you have in mind!